What about that Ass?

What is it about Georgia’s Fat Ass that’s getting people excited?

Could it be her quirky range of bum-per stickers? Or perhaps the cheeky air fresheners?

Let’s go back to the beginning, prior to her Fat Ass developing, to understand what, and who, is behind the brand.

At the age of just 12, Georgia Braun-Hutchison already knew she’d be a graphic designer. Her illustrative flair and passion for design was all the confirmation she needed.

Georgia’s first step into business came when she was 19. Armed with an ABN for graphic design work, through her still booming biz Georgia Lee Design, she started trying to sell her own illustrations on t-shirts. Although a good steppingstone, there was no platform for expansion into the product space. Destination

Then, on June 10th 2020, she purchased her dream car – a Nissan 370Z. It’s wide body and somewhat bountiful rear-end led her dad to suggest, “You should get Fat Ass number plates”. And so it began.

At first, the Fat Ass brand was a passion for Georgia; a personal project through which she wanted to brand her car with a Fat Ass logo to compliment the plates. Little did she know that the creation of that one sticker would soon create a whole car enthusiast community.  

The once quiet and shy Georgia Braun-Hutchison quickly became the sure n’ sassy go-to guru for car novelties. Demand for her Fat Ass was high, with air fresheners, hoodies, and beanies fast becoming the ripest booty in town. She was building a community united by ‘not giving a f*ck’ and evidenced through a swinging butt dangling from the rear-view mirror.  

As this peachy business grew to become an iconic brand among Melbourne car lovers, so, too, did Georgia: finding a place where she could choose to be confident, and a road on which she could be set free – free to be stupid, free to push buttons, and free to challenge the politically correct bulls!t that swarms today’s society (and that annoys the crap outta her).

In her words, she’s now ‘extravert as f*ck’.

And if you don’t like it? Well, you can f*ck right off! Fat Ass is a bad ass business, where no sh!ts are given, and offence can only be taken. Own who you are!

Behind the ‘tude, however, still lies much fun and frivolity! She’s entered the stall space, setting up her first at Sakura Picnic in 2022, and meeting many Ass fans face-to-face. Plus, on the third
Friday of every month, Georgia and other car enthusiasts gather at Flight Deck in Moorabbin,
Victoria, to get down and dirty with cars. As Victoria’s Ambassador of the Z Club, Georgia organises
these meets singlehandedly, with Fat Ass also acting as the event’s sponsor. Come and have a perve at the great collection of Fat – and Flat – Asses on show!
Anyone welcome!  

Georgia’s main message to you? Be a bad ass,
not a sad ass! And grab yourself some Fat Ass today.

Love & Thanks <3

A huge thank you from Georgia to her family and friends for their continuous help and support in growing the Fat Ass business. Seeing her besties embrace the brand – wearing her Ass with pride and dropping in on her stalls – is what drives her motor-vation. Without this amazing support, Georgia and her Fat Ass wouldn’t be where they are today.


A massive shout-out, too, to the many other Fat Ass fansn out there – including all those who’ve
made purchases from the site. With every sale, Georgia’s glow grows greater than her full beams. Thank you everyone – you’re all just bloody brilliant.

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